13 Things that Make Type 1s Happy

We all have good days and bad days with type 1 diabetes, but these special things will always cheer us up!

1 – Seeing a straight (or even something lightly resembling straight) line on your CGM

2 – When your CGM and meter have the exact same reading

3 – When you have a magic unicorn (a blood sugar of 100) OR when you get a DOUBLE UNICORN, aka your meter and your CGM are BOTH reading 100!

4 – When you tell someone you have type 1 diabetes and they actually understand what that actually means

5 – When your A1c is better than you expected it to be


6 – When your friend/family jump in to correct someone’s inaccurate diabetes knowledge before you can even speak

7 – When you eat a big meal and still have a good blood sugar afterwards

8 – When your carb counting skills are top-notch

9 – When you convince someone that you’re part cyborg

10 – When you’re reunited with your diabestie and can complain about your diabetes problems finally

11 – When your blood sugar stays in range before, during, AND after exercise (or even one of those really)

12 – When you see a stranger testing their blood sugar or wearing a pump


13 – When you find a test strip in the most random spot

To our fellow type 1s – we hope this put a smile on your face!

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