There are several ways to support the mission of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation by offering your time and services.

1) Volunteer at the Barbara Davis Center

Volunteers can assist the clinical team with children, staff the playroom, or perform various clerical assignments. These volunteer hours all add up, allowing the medical staff to focus on healthcare for children with diabetes. To learn more, contact Regina Reece, Volunteer Coordinator at the BDC by calling 303-724-6744.

2) Volunteer for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation

Examples of one-time commitments include assisting with large mailing campaigns in the office, helping at a CDF or Guild event, or offering your professional services to help complete a task. To get involved, email mattie@childrensdiabetesfoundation.org or call 303-863-1200.

3) Become an ongoing supporter by joining our volunteer organization

The Guild is comprised of a group of over 300 volunteers, who run the program committees, hold fundraisers, and enjoy social activities. Membership information is available on our website or by contacting Susie Hummell, Guild Program Manager at susie@childrensdiabetesfoundation.org or 303-628-5109.