Helping Hand Program

Helping Hand Program

Diabetes is Expensive – Diabetes Is A Lifelong Disease – The Cost NEVER Stops

More than 35% of Barbara Davis Center patients are uninsured or underinsured. This is why the Helping Hand program assists families in times of exceptional need by giving financial assistance for supplies and travel.  This program also provides additional assistance during the holiday season by working with the social workers at the Barbara Davis Center to find families in need.

To name a few, the Helping Hand program helps to provide:

  • Supplies
  • Medical Alert Id’s
  • New Onset Bags at diagnosis
  • Travel expenses when required

Why is this program needed?

  • Diabetes is expensive. New Onset patients spend about $1,400 on education and appointment fees.
  • Pump Therapy can create better control, but can cost up to $1,200 each month.
  • Insulin for children can cost about $300 a month.
  • Testing 6-8 times a day is normal and all those test strips add up to $300 a month.

In the past 10 years alone, The Guild has provided over $1 Million to this program!