Guild Programs

Guild Programs

Staffing for the Barbara Davis Center

Guild volunteers provide special services on a daily basis to help the clinical staff.  They assist the clinical team with the children, staff the playroom, and perform various clerical assignments.  Literally, thousands of volunteer hours are devoted to the Barbara Davis Center, enabling more time for the medical staff to focus on healthcare for the children.

Charlotte Tucker Scholarship

‘Through an application process each year, The Guild grants higher education scholarships to patients at the Barbara Davis Center.  We have seen students go on to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, hairdressers and mechanics, to mention a few.

Education Committee

This committee conducts a widespread campaign for awareness of symptoms, treatment and life skills for diabetes.  This dedicated group endeavors to find ways to continuously inform the public concerning the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes, in hopes of stimulating awareness and diagnosis. Click here to request Symptom cards or bookmarks.

Helping Hand Committee

This committee meets regularly to determine how to assist families in times of exceptional need, including purchasing diabetes supplies and covering travel expense for those coming from out-of-town.  This program also provides additional assistance during the holiday season.

Halloween Party

Children at the Barbara Davis Center eagerly anticipate this fabulous “sugar-free” event each year.  As hundreds arrive wearing their “best” costumes, they are treated to unlimited pizza, sugar-free soda, game booths, a pumpkin decorating contest and a costume parade.