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Destiny Upton Thanks the Barbara Davis Center

Dear Barbara Davis Center,

My name is Destinee Upton and I have type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 14, and at that age I became a patient at the Barbara Davis Center. I am now 21, and while living with diabetes for seven years, I have grown in my knowledge of how to take care of myself, be happy with who I am, and to live like any normal young adult. Throughout these past seven years, and still to this day, I face many challenges, which I am sure everyone with type 1 diabetes must face.

In the beginning of my diagnosis I was a freshman in high school. With the pressure of being in a big, new school, making friends, facing bullies, and trying to get good grades, I also had the added weight of learning about diabetes and how to care for myself. I was lucky in the fact that I was old enough to understand, and thankfully I have never had any major problems that would lead to a hospital visit. I adjusted well to my new lifestyle, with the exception of the few weeks when I refused to believe I had diabetes and stopped taking my insulin. After some help from my doctors, I decided it was wise to listen to the professionals and take my insulin. High school life went on as normal, and towards the end I realized having diabetes wasn’t all bad. For example, I received the Mayor’s Outstanding Youth Award for being able to juggle high school demands along with the demands of diabetes. I also won a scholarship for two years, due to my diabetes. The Barbara Davis Center was always there in the background, counseling me, cheering me on, and coaching me through.

After high school, when I turned 18, I was no longer covered under insurance. This is a scary thing for someone who needs their medications and does not have the money to buy these necessities out of pocket. When I would begin to run low on needles, syringes, glucose tabs, Lantus, or Novolog, I would start to panic. Money went towards bills and groceries. What about the Barbara Davis Center, could they help me? Yes! The doctors, nurses, and social workers would load me up items to get me through the next few months. I am still struggling with insurance, but I know the Barbara Davis Center will be there to provide me with the much needed supplies.

The purpose of this letter is to show my deep appreciation for the Barbara Davis Center and their continued help and support. Without the many different people who work at the Center, my knowledge of diabetes would not be as expansive, and most importantly, I would not be able to provide myself with the necessary supplies. Without insulin, test strips, or syringes, my health would be in a horrible state, and for that I owe my good health and peace of mind to the Barbara Davis Center.

Thank you very much,

Destinee Upton

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