The staff of the Barbara Davis Center is committed to helping patients and their families understand diabetes, from the initial diagnosis to long-term management.

The dietitians here at the Center meet with each new onset or new to clinic family to teach them how to adjust diet to insulin delivery. They are also available to all patients during regularly scheduled visits, individual nutrition visits, and by telephone.


In addition to individual family instruction, the Center runs a number of special one-day courses each year. These include workshops for grandparents, young adults transitioning out of high school, and patients who are new to the clinic.

Pumps and Sensors

The Pediatric Clinic has a comprehensive program for helping patients initiate insulin pump therapy and/or continuance glucose monitoring. Certified trainers are available on site, and all pump and sensors training is done in the outpatient setting.

Dr. Peter Chase has published Understanding Insulin Pumps & Continuous Glucose Monitors available for purchase at the front desk of the BDC or online at:

Social Work

The Barbara Davis Center’s clinical social workers meet with each new onset patient and their family in order to help them adjust to the diagnosis of diabetes. They are available to help with diabetes related issues at anytime, both during clinic visits and outside of regularly scheduled appointments.

There are three staff members dedicated to social work. To learn more, please schedule an appointment to visit the following staff members:

Pediatric Clinic:    
Ellen Fay-Itzkowitz, LCSW, CDE
Dana Shepard, LCSW

Adult Clinic:    
Lisa Meyers, MSW, CDE

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